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The Oyster Ninja Podcast

Jul 10, 2018

This show folks is all about why we should devour the mousels we call our bivalve mullusk OYSTERS


Mrs. Henderson is a certified nutritionist out of Baltimore. Today she tells all the Oyster Ninja Listeners why we should be eating more oysters.  Oysters are more than just tasty.  They are actually good for our body also because they are packed with a lot of vitamin and minerals.  I've been telling people for years to "eat a oyster it will make you feel better", now we actually have some facts behind my opinion.

If you have ever asked your self any of these questions your in the right place:

What does zinc do for my body?

How many calories are in a oyster?

What are the B Vitamins?

Why is getting the correct amount of Iron important?

What is the difference between fortified and enriched?

What is a sustainable food and what's the deal?

How do I get my sperm count up?


Laura Henderson business is Peach Tree Wellness and her email is