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The Oyster Ninja Podcast

Apr 11, 2018

Daphnee Duret a veteran in the service industry tells us about different wines and what wines pair best with Oysters.  Daphnee breaks down for us the different wine categories and what they actually mean.  She also explains what goes into pairing a oyster with wine and spoiler alert it starts from the ground.


This week I received some great oysters that were shipped in from Onliest Oyster Company.

The site is still down but you can join the sign up for latest details and also follow them on social media.

Have you guys heard of the Original Oyster Buddy?  They have a product that allows you basically to shuck with one hand if you need to.  This shuck buddy allows you to wedge the oyster and you can pop it just like that.  And really the average beginner can use this also to shuck for the first time.  if your interested shoot a email out to 

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