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The Oyster Ninja Podcast

Dec 26, 2021

Vincent Leggett has been an integral part of salvaging stories, artifacts, and information on African Americans on the Chesapeake Bay for over four decades.  Mr. Leggett has a resumé that includes author, historian, lobbyist, educator and so much more that you will find out in this episode of The Oyster Ninja Podcast

Dec 16, 2021

Chris Sherman is Ceo of Island Creek Oyster and has been with the company well over a decade.  Today he gives us some history on Island Creek Oyster, how they've made their place in oyster culture, and what makes their oyster stand the test of time and mother nature.  

Nov 24, 2021

Emily DeSousa or Seaside with Emily from her viral social media account joins us today on The Oyster Ninja Podcast. We have a fun filled episode filled with more than a bunch of trending topics. We talk about plastics pollution, bio catch, humans impact on the ocean and so much more.

Nov 11, 2021

Scott Sanner is a oyster tin/can enthusiast who has a larger than life collection.  Today he talks to us about the history of oyster cans, the marketing intention behind the iconic labels, and how to start your very own collection.  These vintage oyster cans gained popularity in the early 1900s ,but are still thriving...

Oct 26, 2021

Kara Muzia is an ocean enthusiast, marine biologist and host of "So You Want To Be A Marine Biologist". I'm so excited for you guys to not only meet Kara but go listen to her podcast. Kara is super interesting with a background in all things science and even helped with putting oysters back in the...